Successful integration of two systems in one mall

Project Overview

  • The presented case study examines integration of Naviparking’s software with software and hardware of Amano Xparc at Forum Gdańsk parking lot.
  • The main objective was to introduce mobile payments for all the customers. Other goals were to: upgrade the digital facility in the shopping mall by adding parking spots of the 6th level of the Forum Gdańsk parking lot to the website and parking spots on the levels 2-5 to the database of the Navipay mobile application.
  • The parking lot gained an updated version of the API (the older one was deployed five years prior by Amano Xparc). Thanks to the deployment of the new products drivers obtained e.g. a possibility to reserve parking spaces in advance, on-line payments and contactless entry and exit from the facility.
  • The aforementioned integration was possible thanks to establishing a solid partnership between Naviparking and Car Park Sp. z o.o – a distributor of Amano Xparc products in Poland.
  • Fruitful cooperation with Car Park and the integration with Amano's API opened the door for a further (and way faster) process of adding new parking lots to the common system in the future.

Implemented Solutions

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