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For NaviPay please use the alternative method visible in-app for a particular car park.

If you have a reservation or subscription, check the confirmation email, where instructions are provided. For MENA car parks, please ask the security for help - your confirmation mail is the ticket.
If you are our customer in the United Arab Emirates, please contact the car park security. If you are a Polish customer, use the emergency QR code, paying attention to the appropriate lightening of the screen and checking that the correct reader has been selected.
It is possible to purchase an additional booking through the portal for the time of an additional stopover. We encourage you to download the NaviPay application, which makes this process much easier.

Alternatively, please send a message via the contact form or directly to the email [email protected] . The message should include the booking number and the parking lot it was related to.
Entry to the car park before the booking date is possible only for NaviPay application users. In other cases, the barrier will open if the entry is made in accordance with the date and time selected in the booking purchase process.
Yes, repeated entrances/exits from the car park are possible during the reservation period.
After downloading the app and completing the registration process, select the car park you are interested in from the list of available car parks. The application allows you to navigate to the selected car park. When you arrive, drive to the entrance barrier. Depending on the technology used at the parking facility, the barrier will open automatically (if cameras are installed, you need to enter the license plate number in the NaviPay application), or you will need to open the NaviPay application and swipe the “Open Barrier” button located in the middle of the screen. Please drive as close to the barrier as possible. Once the barrier is open, park at one of the available parking spaces. Once you have parked your vehicle, use the button on the app to indicate that you have done so. The exit barrier then opens in the same way as you entered.
The Novotel Warsaw Centre car park is available 24 hours a day.
If you have a paper ticket, you will need to pay for your parking stay on the spot at the ticket office. In some car parks (such as the Children's Memorial Health Institute), you can scan your ticket on the app, then pay for it and leave. Information about every car park is available in the app.
We are working on automating the process of purchasing reservations for several cars at once. Currently, you have to make a separate reservation for each car.
The reservation or subscription will only work in the car park for which the reservation or subscription is purchased for.
For reservations or subscriptions purchased at Novotel Warsaw Centre, you can leave the car park without any problems. If the barrier does not open, use the QR code from your reservation confirmation that you received via email (you can download it in advance). Hold the QR code up to the QR code reader at the entrance (next to the ticket machine). Once it has been scanned, the barrier will open.
For parking with the NaviPay app, an internet connection is essential. Please leave the car park in an alternative manner and inform us about this occurrence via the contact form. Your parking status should update once your internet connection is restored.

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