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Please use the car park search engine by entering your city and using the parking list view or map. Alternatively, you can find a car park in the recommended car parks section. Not all car parks offer reservations due to the regulations of the car park owner.
In the reservation form, you need to fill in the following personal data in the section on the left: first and last name, contact - e-mail and telephone, license plate number.
Warning! Filling in these fields is necessary to complete the reservation process, otherwise, the "reserve a place" button will remain inactive.
To obtain an invoice, please check the box "I need a VAT invoice" and fill in the necessary details.
In the section on the right of the form, select the start and end dates and times of your reservation. You can choose a period from one to 48 hours. If you are interested in staying for a longer period, use the long-term option. Once you have made your selection, the cost of your reservation will be displayed. Pay attention to the car park you are reserving a space in; the default is the car park that was last viewed.
On the day of your reservation, arrive at the car park at the time stated in your reservation (but not before). When you drive up to the barrier, the following methods of entry are available depending on the car park:
Novotel Warsaw Centre - the system recognises vehicle number plates. If the numbers are illegible, this may take a few seconds. If the system sporadically fails to recognise your license plate, use the QR code that came in your reservation confirmation email. When you have finished parking, drive up to the car park exit. The barrier will open automatically.
Other car parks: enter ONLY with the NaviPay app. The fee for parking in the application should be 0 PLN. Upon arrival, open the barrier using the button on the app. Please do not take a paper ticket from the ticket machine.
You can reserve parking spaces using the parking search engine or by going directly to the reservation/subscription purchase forms on the homepage. All you need to do is enter your name, phone number, email, vehicle registration number, and – if you have a subscription – the duration of the package. You can easily pay for your parking via online payment, using BLIK, a credit card or an online transfer. After confirming your payment, you will receive an email confirmation of your reservation.
Please check if you need the NaviPay app or if the barrier will open automatically at the car park you made a reservation for. Remember that the QR code from the reservation confirmation e-mail you received is treated as a spare code. In case of problems with the basic entry method, please place it close to the QR code reader located near the ticket machine.
If you wish to reserve a parking space ahead of time, we invite you to make a reservation or purchase a subscription. You can also park without a reservation using our NaviPay app. The app shows you the availability of spaces in real-time and allows you to carry out the entire parking process, including payment, from your smartphone.
Reservation of spaces is divided into subscriptions (over 48h) and reservations (up to 48h). It is up to the owner of the facility to decide whether to make their car park available for this type of service, which is why we do not offer this option at all facilities. The duration of subscriptions is also determined in agreement with the car park owner. Parking with the NaviPay application is possible at all car parks displayed on this portal.
The reservation is active on the selected date, confirmed in the e-mail sent to the customer. In case of late departure, the barrier will remain closed. If you are using our car park in Poland, please contact us urgently at +48 507 671 184 . If you are a customer in the United Arab Emirates, contact the parking security.
The reservation fee is the final step in the reservation process. After completing the reservation form, you will be transferred to a payment operator. Payment is made through the payment integrator Przelewy24. The service offers BLIK, credit card and online banking options. Once the payment has been approved, a message will appear on the screen stating that it was approved successfully. If you wish to receive an invoice for your reservation, please tick the appropriate checkbox on the reservation form or contact us via [email protected].
We are working on mechanisms enabling you to extend your reservation yourself, but at the moment it is possible only by sending a message via the contact form.
The cancellation mechanism will be available by the end of 2021 from the confirmation email. Currently, this function is only available by direct contact using the contact form at the bottom of the home page or by sending an email to [email protected]. Include in the message the bank account number to which the refund should be made. Cancellation of reservations is possible up to one hour before its start. After the start of the reservation, the customer is not entitled to a refund.
The reservation is for a maximum of 48 hours, and it is possible to choose the exact end and start times. Subscription –  in other words, a long-term package – can only be purchased in the option of more than 48 hours and for specific days, calculated from one minute after midnight on the first day to 23:59 on the last day.
It is recommended that you check your spam folder. If this proves unsuccessful, please contact us at [email protected].
Yes, repeated entries and exits from the car park are possible during the reserved period.
The QR code is available in the reservation confirmation email. Place the screen of your phone with the visible QR code close to the reader located in the car park, in the immediate vicinity of the ticket machine. Remember to not take a paper ticket.

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