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GTC Francuska Katowice

Francuska 34, Katowice

See the pricelist
See the pricelist

Parking GTC Katowice Francuska Office Centre

Searching for a free parking space in a large city can be associated with many difficulties and stress. Traffic jams, the prevailing crush and the lack of free parking spaces often make life difficult for the inhabitants of Katowice and its vicinity. Fortunately, we have a proven solution for this! The Digital Parking GTC Francuska is a guarantee of a free parking space and parking service from the application level. See how simple it is!
  • 24/7 availability
  • 12 spaces in the surface and outdoor parking lot
  • From 5 PLN/h
  • Entry and exit with the NaviPay application or the digitalparking.city

Reserve up to couple hours

The given dates and times refer to the time zone related to the location of the parking lot
Price: from 5 PLN

Need a parking space for a longer stay?

The rule is simple - the longer you stay, the lower the rate per day of parking will be. Just specify the length of the stopover or choose one of the available packages.

Pakiet jednodniowy

55 PLN (1 days)

Pakiet 2-dniowy

105 PLN (2 days)

You save 5 PLN!

Pakiet weekendowy

149 PLN (3 days)

You save 16 PLN!

Pakiet 4-dniowy

189 PLN (4 days)

You save 31 PLN!

Pakiet tygodniowy

259 PLN (7 days)

You save 126 PLN!

Pakiet 2-tygodniowy

350 PLN (14 days)

You save 420 PLN!

How to use the parking lot step by step

  • 1Select a subscription or an hourly booking

    Subscriptions to bookings differ in the hours of access to the parking lot. The subscription entitles you to enter for full days counted from midnight to midnight, while reservations allow you to select precise hours of entry and exit calculated on the basis of the hourly parking rate. If you are looking for an option longer than a couple of hours, it will be financially more advantageous to use the subscription. You need a stay for several hours–select a reservation.

  • 2Complete the data in the form

    In the next step, provide your data and the vehicle registration number. At this stage, you can also indicate the need for an invoice or purchase for another driver. In order to finalize the form and proceed to payment, it is necessary to read and accept the regulations and the privacy policy.

  • 3Make a payment

    After pressing the "Reserve a parking spot" button, you will be redirected to the online payment system, where you will pay. Payment is made with an authorized operator. After the payment is approved, a message will appear on the screen that it has been approved successfully.

  • 4Check your mailbox

    After completing the payment process, a booking or subscription confirmation with an emergency QR code will be sent to the email address provided earlier.

  • 5Enter the parking lot

    Arrive at the parking lot on the booked day and date (not earlier than that). After approaching the barrier, the system will recognize your vehicle registration plates provided in the form and open it.

  • 6End of parking

    After parking, just drive to the exit from the parking lot - the barrier will open automatically.

  • 7In case of problems with entering or leaving ...

    ... use the QR code sent in the booking confirmation email.

Need more information?

Check out our Knowledge Base

GTC Francuska Parking Lot

Searching for available parking spots in a big city is always connected with many difficulties and stress. Traffic jams and the lack of free parking spaces often make life difficult for the inhabitants of Katowice and its vicinity. Fortunately, we have a proven solution for this! Seamless Digital GTC Francuska Car park is a guarantee of available parking spots access directly from the application level. See how simple it is!

Car park at Francuska Street in Katowice

Do you want to avoid wasting time and stress related to searching for an available parking spot in Katowice? Or maybe you want a certain parking spot that you reserve before you decide to enter the parking lot? We are able to fulfill all your wishes 100%! The digital GTC Katowice car park on Francuska Street is a perfect proposition for anyone who wonders where to leave their car while doing errands in the city. With us you can count on a proven and safe parking space with monitoring, which will allow you to give up parking in narrow streets and suspicious gates once and for all.

The Digital Parking GTC Francuska is a perfect point on the city map, located near the District Court in Katowice, the Provincial Police Headquarters, the Silesian Library, the Youth Palace and the Cathedral of Christ the King. Thanks to this, leaving your car here will be a great choice when you deal with official matters, hold business meetings, commute to work, meet friends or go to long-awaited cultural events in Katowice. GTC Francuska car park is an ideal proposition for residents, but also for tourists and visitors who do not know where to leave their vehicle when visiting the city.

Parking in Katowice has never been so easy. Thanks to the NaviPay application, you can intuitively, conveniently and contactlessly handle entry and exit, as well as make payments. GTC Katowice parking is a solution that many users love. Join them and forget about wasting time! We have prepared attractive prices for you and monitoring in a great location!


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